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Pola Chwaly 2010, report from Rapid Fire game, Ukraine 1944

Hi all,

I would like present our game which our club played on Polish wargaming show Pola Chwaly 2010

Eastern Front, June 1944, Russia, Western Ukraine, near to Lvov.
During soviet strategic offensive Operation Bagration german army is on retreat, but still is heavy fighting with Soviet forces.

Rules: Rapid Fire
Scale: 1:72 (20 mm)
Models from Rapier Collections (Dragon: Sdkfz 252/2, Sdkfz 251/7, Altaya T-34/76, Italeri ZIS-3, Italeri German Special Forces figures, Sdkz 251/10 repainted from amercom) and from Benny collections (Hasegawa: Jeep, US truck, Italeri M-3 Scout, Italeri Russian Infantry figures,

German Forces

Wehrmacht German Panzer Grenadier Battalion (Regular)
HQ: CO 4 figures, Panzerschrecke, Sdkfz 251/10 (37mm AT gun)
1st Company: 8 figures, Panzerfaust, Sdkfz 251/7 (LMG)
2nd Company: 8 figures, Panzerfaust
Heavy Company: 9 figures, MMG, 75mm (Pak 40) AT gun, 81mm mortar, Sdkfz 252/2
Total: 30 figures

Regiment Support
Heavy Anti-Tank Battalion (Regular)/1st Company: 2x Elefant (88mm)

Russian Forces

Soviet Guard Motorised Battalion (Elite)
HQ: CO + 4 figures, AT rifle, Jeep
SMG Company: 6 figures (tank riders)
SMG Company: 6 figures (tank riders)
Heavy Company: 9 figures, MMG Maxim, truck
Mortar Company: 5 figures 82mm mortar, 50mm mortar, truck
Anti-Tank Company: 3 figures, 75mm (ZIS 3) AT gun, M3 Scout

Scout SMG Company: 6 figures, 2x Jeep

Total: 40 figures

Regiment Support
Soviet Tank Battalion (Regular)
HQ: T-34/76 (43)
Tank Company: 2x T-34/76 (43)
Tank Company: 2x T-34/76 (43)

Look on battlefield. River can be crossed on full length. Russian in battle formation. German defenders on position.

German Deployment: second company (8 figures, Panzerfaust) is in stone house. Part HQ (CO 2 figures) is in longest wood building. Pak-40 with crews, Panzerschrecke team and MMG with crews are dug-in. In the wood are: 1st Company, mounted on Sdkfz 251/7 and PanzerJager Heavy Company. Both formation are near to edge wood.

Russian attack

Fight in progress

One jeep from Russian Scout Company is destroyed by MMG.

Russian T-34/76 with tank riders is trying cross over river.

Unfortunately for russian player, german player was very lucky, one shot one destroyed T-34/76.

Seems that russian attack will be not successfully.

One T-34/76 is destroyed by Sdkfz 251/10 (hollow charge rocket fire), russian tank company must take morale test, they must retreat to cover. Truck with russian heavy company is destroyed too.

Russian attack is stopped. German losses are: 2 figures, Russian losses are: one SMG Company Tank Riders (6 figures), 1 crew AT gun, 4x T-34/76, and 1 figure from heavy company. In this time russian player is thinking that he can not be winner and game is over.

AT company with ZIS-3 and crews, HQ company with CO + AT rifle

People on Pola Chwaly. First polish player from another polish wargaming club.

Daddy? Pak-40 is dug-in, seems that all will be fine.

Our club, BENNY show polish player what can, EMIL see to near table.

Daddy? When game will be start? Of course game is in progress, russian forces is moving to enemy.

Daddy see! Russian horde is move to our position.

Another two polish players. Thomas has smile, because what hit this result is destroyed T-34.

War consultation.

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