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Karvina 2010, report from Rapid Fire game, Normandy 1944

Lingevres, battalion level scenario
US attack a German-held village in Normandy, 14th June 1944

I would like present our last game. We played basic scenario, but instead British we used US forces.
I improved our terrains.

GER commanders: EMIL, BENNY
US commanders: OZDRAKE, RAPIER

German Forces: all troops are elite, all tanks are elite

Panzer Grenadier Regt 902
(commander Oberstleutnant Welcsh)

2nd Battaion HQ: CO + 4 figures, Panzerschrecke, Sdkz 250/10 (37mm AT gun)
Company: 8 figures, Panzerfaust, Sdkfz 251/7 half-track
Company: 8 figures, Panzerfaust
Company: 8 figures, Panzerfaust
Heavy Company: 9 figures, MMG, 75mm (Pak 40) AT gun, 81mm mortar, Sdkfz 251/2 half-track

2nd Company, Panzer Regiment 130
Panter (75mm) (Lt Steindamm)
Panter (75mm)

US Forces: all troops are elite, all tanks are elite

American Armored Combat Command - June 1944

Armoured Infantry Battalion
HQ: CO + 6 figures, 60mm mortar, Bazooka, M3 half-track
Rifle Company: 10 figures, Bazooka, M3 half-track
Rifle Company: 10 figures, Bazooka, M3 half-track
Rifle Company: 10 figures, Bazooka, M3 half-track
Heavy Company 12 figures, 50cal HMG, 30cal MMG, Bazooka, M3 half-track, 81mm mortar, M4 half-track, 57mm AT gun, M3 half-track

Tank Destroyer Company: M-10 tank destroyer (76mm)

Medium Tank Company: 2x Sherman tank (75mm), 1x Sherman tank (76mm)

Armored Field Artillery Battalion
2x M-7 SP gun (105mm), Sherman OP tank

German deployment. German HQ (include Sdkfz 250/10 and Panzerschrecke team) occupied farm Berolles.
Village Lingevres defend only MMG team (located behind the wall in Hotel De La Plaze and 75mm AT gun PAK-40 which is dug-in near to crossroad at village (behind hedgerow).
1st Panzer Grenadier Company (armoured, include Sdkfz 251/7) is dug-in behind hedgerow.
2nd Panzer Grenadier Company (foot) is dug-in in wood.
3rd Panzer Grenadier Company (foot) is dug-in behind hedgerow near to road to village.
Sdkfz 251/2 81mm medium mortar is behind barracks in the village.

US Forces attacking German Panzer Grenadier company in the wood. Company is destroyed. Crews panzerfaust hit one M-3 Halftrack Rifle Company (light damage).

1st Panzer Grenadier Company, dug-in behind hedgerow

Crew AT gun is ready to fight.

3rd Panzer Grenadier Company (foot) is dug-in behind hedgerow near to road to village.

Us battalion attacking german position in the farm. German HQ must leave position, Panzerschrecke team is destroyed. One of M-3 Halftrack is destroyed from Sdkfz 250/10. Bazooka hit Sdfkz 250/10 (light damage). US rifle companies, heavy company, HQ company occupied farm. German HQ and Sdfkz 250/10 under US fire (some lost on the crews). German HQ retreat to village.

Final US attack to village. US Tanks are attacking german positions. US tanks attack is supporting by US IDF fire from M-7 and US mortars and all Rifle Companies and Heavy companies located in the farm. Sherman OP find german MMG and call IDF fire to him.

US tank company is attacking german Panters. From reverse fire near Panter hit one of 75mm Sherman (light damage). Second Panter fire from Hotel and missed! Sherman 76mm hit near Panter and destroyed him to first shoot!!

US forces in the Farm Berolles. In the front is US HQ company (60 mm light mortar).

M-7 SP gun (105)mm

Mortar US half-track M-4 (81mm medium mortar)

US rifles companies behind farm's walls.

German MMG is destroyed. Under IDF fire.

1st Panzer Grenadier Company (armoured, include Sdkfz 251/7) was dug-in behind hedgerow. Now, on the way to new position (occupied Hotel in the village).

US tank attack.

Second Panter platoon hit one of 75mm Sherman and destroyed him to first shoot. In this time is destroyed German HQ (include commander), crews AT gun (include gun), one Panzer Grenadier Company (all) and German player must test morale. Him test was unsuccessfully (1 on the D6). German Panzer Grenadier Battalion must leave from battlefield!!

Last Panter platoon want to attack US, but wait M-10 tank destroyer attack him and destroyed last Panters tanks!

US on the way to centre of village. German are rounting.

Battle of village is over. US are winners.

Yes, US victory, because German commanders deployed units far from self. Village did defend only AT gun with MMG and farm did defend only HQ. This can not stop all US forces which were concentrate to farm (on the close front). I do not know why, but German commander was not send Panters and armoured Panzer Grenadier Company to counter attack to farm. 3rd Grenadier Company can mount to tanks and go to attack!

Best Regards
Pavel "Rapier" Ondruch

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