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Pola Chwaly 2009, reports from Rapid Fire games

I would like presenting fotos from our game on wargaming show POLA CHVALY 2009 (Polsko).

Rapid Fire
1. France, Normandy 1944
US Armoured Infantry Battalion + Tank Battalion vs German Waffen SS 12. div. HitlerJugen (PanzerGrenadier Battalion + support company + tank battalion)
2. East Europe 1944
Russia Tank Brigade vs German Waffen SS 12. div. HitlerJugen (PanzerGrenadier Battalion + support company + tank battalion)

scale 1:72 (20mm)
terrain: all building are paper models.

Normandy, France 1944, Caretan
Deployed German Waffen SS (12. div. HitlerJugen) Kampfgruppe.

US Armoured Infantry Battalion (only infantry)

US Armoured Infantry Battalion (M-3 Halfrack) with scout M-5 Stuart was stop on the cross, close to Caretan. :) Yes, I know, Caretan defend Fallshimjager, but we have not figures.
Stuart and Halftrack was destroyed.

Waffen SS Company open fire to US Infantry Company.

Second SS Company open fire to US infantry (KO)

US attack. Stuart and HMG / MMG open fire to Stuh42 and third Panzer Grenadier SS Company.

6 pdr AT gun with halftruck. AT gun open fire to Sdkfz armoured car Puma, but unsuccessfully. Puma response back with same result.

Moved AT company (1/3 gunners was lost and halftruck was destroyed).

US armoured convoy on the way, but was stop near to Caretan.

Eastern Europe

Deployed Russian Tank Brigade

AT gun ZIS-3 with US truck

Russian Tank Brigade convoy on the way, unfortunately, first IS-2 was stop on the bridge.

Russian Tank Brigade with tank riders must be divert to wade.

Waffen SS scout company tried attack to T-34 (panzerfaust), but unsuccessfully.

Russian tank brigade go to second side river. KingTiger counter attack. One Pzkpfw IV was destroyed.

Russian Scout Company attack from wood to gunners (1/3 kill). Unfortunately both Panzer Grenadier Waffen SS Companies between counter attack kill 1/3 scouts.

Russian tank brigade with tank riders close to village. Panzer Grenadier counter attack with handled AT weapons. Any result. Russian Tank Brigade was stop before willage and must go back.

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